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Rotown in Rotterdam

If you are in Rotterdam and you want to pass it well, are many very interesting bars and restaurants in the city. As it could not be of another way in a city with seaport, entertainment are places in this zone by far, like in Delftshaven, Veerhaven or Vestelijk Handelsterrein. Also the historical center of the city, with their wood coffees and their terraces is worthy to visit.

Today nevertheless we are going away to be with the best discotheques of Rotterdam. To leave celebration a weekend in the Dutch city is something that usually does everybody almost. There are nightclubs with music for all the pleasures. You want to know which are the best discotheques of Rotterdam.

B.U.M.B is one of the best bars of the city, with direct music in all the Thursdays at night, and other events Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. More recent it is the Rotterdam Club, that has one coctelería and a restaurant. Now&Wow is an ultramodern nightclub, located in Maasthaven. It abre all the Saturdays of 23,00 to 06,00 hours.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from the 00,00 to the 04,00 hours abre their doors Thalia Lounge, where music of all type can be listened. Before Thalia Lounge is Off Privateering, a great discotheque in Rotterdam. One of the first places that were abrió for the leisure in Rotterdam was Nighttown, with activities in direct of DJ' s all the week ends.

Another one of the most interesting discotheques of Rotterdam is Club You live, that abre from the 23,00 to the 05,00 hours. Rotown is one of the discotheques that abre early, and also closes soon, ideal to begin the night. It abre of 23,00 to 01,00 hours every day, whereas Saturdays it does of 22,00 to 02,00 hours.

Jackie RD abre to Tuesdays and Wednesday of 18,00 to 02,00 hours, Thursdays of 17,00 to 03,00 hours, and Fridays and Saturdays of 17,00 to 04,00 hours. As you see, the best place to dance between week. For the summer it is Low Beach Club. The every first Tuesday of month there are a delicious buffet and activities in direct. Thursdays at night the night of champagne is celebrated, whereas during the weekend the celebration continues. A good place if you have your hotels in Rotterdam, and are during the week.

Finally we have Hyper Hyper, a place where the majority of the young people begins the night in Rotterdam. The entrance is gratuitous, and abre of Thursday to Saturday of 20,00 to 03,00 hours.

As you see, the sites to leave are many to dance in Rotterdam. You do not lose the opportunity to spend one night funny in this Dutch city.

Photo Via Yelloyello

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