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NAI, Institute of Architecture of the Netherlands, Rotterdam

Museum NAI works at the moment in the House Sonneveld, a Dutch emblem located in the city of Rotterdam. Their abbreviations mean Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, that is to say, Instituto de Arquitectura of the Netherlands.

This museum, by the way very visited by those who they spend days in the hotels in Rotterdam and want to know everything what offers this city, counts on one of the more important and extensive architectonic collections of the world. A surprising total of 18 kilometers of bookcases exhibits drawings, bocetos, models, photographies, books, magazines and other many elements related to the work and the art to project structures on a large scale. Names like Dudok, Cuypers, Berlage and Of Klerk are of great relevance in this museum, that counts on the personal archives of them and other many architects who marked to history and the tendencies in Holland.

The collection of the NAI is compound of information about urban design, inner design and architecture landscaper. Every year, organizes a twenty of exhibitions that they present the aspects most important these disciplines.

These are developed in parallel with the permanent exhibition that takes the name of “Living in Low Earth?, with reference to the specificity of the life in a region so it jeopardize with the waters surround that it. This permanent collection shows a clear panorama of last the 150 years in Holland, it thus approaches and us the day to day of his inhabitants from the point of view of his daily life and the incidences that geography has in her.

Between the temporary exhibitions, always there is one dedicated to the present life, and unlike previous this one it puts his center in different parts from the world. In addition, readings, symposiums and numerous events are organized to stimulate the debate about the architecture and of the important place that she occupies in our daily lives.

The guided visit that offers the institution takes the name of “Behind scene?, and tries about the peculiar architecture of the same building contains that it from 1933.

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