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Of Verwoeste Stad, statue commemoration bombing, Rotterdam.

Of Verwoeste Stad, commemorative statue of Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is not like any other, and its relation with the past is very special. Nothing in her is old, little it is of the architecture previous to the bombing of World War II that forced to reconstruct it almost completely, and for that reason their traditions and their culture stay alive in the spirit of their people with iron tenacity.

The Museum of History - or Historischmuseum- is surely one of the sites more indicated to approach and to know the city the past. In their interior documents and pictures are conserved that involuntarily reflect the ways of life of centuries XVIII and XIX, before Rotterdam became, and by the whims of that same history, in the most modern large city of Holland.

The small palace is the most valuable sample of the architecture of century XVII, for obvious reasons: he is one of the few that survived the attacks that reduced to the rest from the city to rubbish. Around him, the new constructions rise that they replaced that today only we can know by means of photographies.

The history of Rotterdam finds its refuge in the Historischmuseum, also crosses that it with the help of documentation and recreating a typical home of the city in the first plant. There it is possible to enter to the past and appreciating the customs of long ago, that today are part of the memory of the inhabitants of more age.

To few meters of the museum, it was located Of Verwoeste Stad, the statue realized by the Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine. From May of 1953, this stirring iron piece lifts to the sky its arms commemorating the 1940 massacre, and its dumb shout is shared by all the population of Rotterdam.

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