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Schielandshuis, the Museum of History of Rotterdam

Schielandshuis is the oldest building of Rotterdam, if we did not consider to the Church of San Lorenzo, that is something older. It was constructed in 1655, and in his origins it acted as of residence for the authority of the docks of Schieland.

From this place, the movement that was developed in the docks and in the docks was controlled surround that it. Nevertheless, the times change and at the moment this building is home of the Museum of Antiques of the city.

From 1904, that institution works there, although the last restoration began in 1974, on the occasion of the anniversary of 70 years of the museum. After extensive works, the museum reopened its doors in 1986, becoming officially the Historical Museum of Rotterdam.

At the moment, the museum of Schielandshuis is consecrated to the past of the city. The unmistakable facade of the building emphasizes with its typical architecture of the place and the time: fit decorations of good baroque style and proportions make of him a piece of art in itself.

In his interior, it is possible to admire paintings, sculptures and sinfín of devices and objects that their main protagonists send to the history of Rotterdam and. The first plant is composed by three rooms, reconstructed during the last spare parts, and decorated according to the styles imposed in century XVIII.

In those rooms there are essentially works of art of inhabitants of Rotterdam, mainly square but also pieces of jewelry, show window and furniture. In the plant superior is the Atlas collection van Stolk, composed by drawings and engravings of the artist, inspired by the history of Holland.

And it is that first stage is consecrated to the past of the Netherlands, that acquire knowledge by means of sculptures, pictures and all luck of objects. The bombings happened in 1940 are commemorated with a exhibition of fragments of the destroyed churches.

Lighter it is the stroll that can occur in the attic, where met objects of the daily life which they have been used from 1750: toys, clothes and accessories of all type.

Practical information

• Address: Korte Hoogstraat 31 NL - 3011 GK Rotterdam
• Entrance: adults, 3 €; children, 1,50 €.
• Schedules: of Tuesday to Sundays, 11 to 17 hs.

Photo Via: Bovenlichten

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