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Tour of France

I imagine that all you know the round cycling the Tour of France, perhaps the more important competition by stages within the world-wide cycling. Whether you like this sport as if no, if you have the opportunity to be in Holland at the beginning of July, you are of enhorabuena. And everything has to do, although it seems lie, with the own Tour of France.

And it is that the first weekend of July of the 2010, days 3 and 4, the city of Rotterdam will welcome the exit of a new edition of the Tour of France. Concretely it will be number 97 the one that this year leaves from the Dutch harbor city.

From the 1 of July already you can be in favor of the city to contemplate the arrival of the different equipment that will participate in the Gallic round. You will not stop to see runners training by the urban circuits, equipment of television, journalists and authentic rolling houses where they take all the sport material that will need each set.

It is the fifth time in the history of the Tour of France that the Netherlands serve as starting point to the great round by stages, well-known also like the Grand Bouclé. And she is that in the last years to the Tour she has given him to become a little more international, since in the 2007 started off of London and in the 2009 of Monaco.

Taking advantage of the conjuncture already several spectacles are being prepared and events to welcome the arrival of more than 200 cyclists than compose the squad of this round. Colorful in that they will get dressed the streets of Rotterdam will be something that you do not have another opportunity to see nothing else that in this occasion, reason why it is necessary to be useful to give a escapadita up to here us.

The 1 of July will carry out the great welcome of Rotterdam to the machinery of the Tour of France and all participants. Saturday 3 of July the stage will be celebrated prolog, leaving from Rotterdam Zuid to arrive at the goal of Zuidplein, after happening through Erasmus and Willemsbridge. On the following day, Sunday 4 of July, Rotterdam will dismiss the cyclists who will start off from Erasmusbrisge for first of the stages.

As you see, a very interesting opportunity to take advantage of our flights low COST and to find us with a colorful, different Rotterdam and very animated. The exit of the Tour of France hopes to you.

Photo Via Spotted By Locals

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