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Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Ritsue Mishima is one of the great artists of the glass nowadays. These days one is in Rotterdam, locked up in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, because it tries to construct a garden zen Japanese with glass objects, a garden that plays with the Dutch light, since each object will capture of different way the light.

This wonderful Venetian crystal exhibition will be able to be seen in this museum of Rotterdam from the 6 of February to the 30 of May of the 2010. One will be some thirty glass objects, realized by the Japanese artist Ritsue Mishima, born in 1962. Twenty of these works will be completely original. All of them will play an important role with the light of the museum.

Mishima began to work in 1982 like stylist for a series of publicity companies. In 1996 its race took a new dimension when it was dedicated to the manufacture of glass objects. It always used transparent glass crystal pieces, which requires a great physical force and a concerted effort. All the imaginable techniques of polished and recorded are put into play in each work of Mishima.

Each object made by Mishima has its own personality, so that always reflected the light of different way. The Japanese artist expresses his emotions through his creations, sometimes juguetón, sometimes in more serious forms. Mishima is inspired mainly by forms of the nature. The universe with its stars, stars and meteorites also plays a fundamental role in the design of its works.

Mishima lives and works in Tokyo and Venice, and its work has been exhibited already anywhere in the world. It has realized exhibitions in Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco, London, Brussels, Milan… Their works usually are exposed of permanent form in the Pavilion of the Biennial of Venice. Reason why, a visit to Rotterdam in the next spring is the ideal moment to contemplate one of the most peculiar and original exhibitions of the world.

Additional information

· Schedules: The exhibition of Ritsue Mishima will be open of the 6 of February to the 30 of May of the 2010. It will be possible to be visited of Tuesday Sunday, of 11,00 to 17,00 hours.
· Prices: 10 Euros for adults, 7.50 Euros for groups of a minimum of fifteen people, 5 Euros students and free for the minors of 18 years.

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