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Holland is a country of wind mills, flowers, tulips, precious cities… and what more? … So many things… Today we remained with one of them. Holland is the country of the water. Yes, yes, of the water. You knew that a species of route of the water by Holland can be done. The Dutch must as much tourism to him to the water, thanks to their channels, rivers, Lagos, etc…

If we propose it to us, we can make we ourself our route of the water by Holland, a route that you will not find in any guide of trip. We completely offer it to you in first fruit. Imaginaos… We would begin in Rotterdam, the second bigger city of the Netherlands, with the greatest port of the world.

Ours first visit when leaving Rotterdam would be Schiedam, something as well as a part of the metropolitan zone of Rotterdam. Schiedam is well well-known by its gin, but especially by its historical center, crossed of channels, and wind the higher mills of the world. By all means, we will sail and take a walk by its channels, with a glass of the best gin of the world.

After having lunch in Schiedam, we will move literally to the corner of Holland, that is to say, Hoek van Holland. There, related to the water, the Maeslantkering is visited, to learn on the management of the water in this zone of the Netherlands.

From here, and of way to the beach of Rockanje, we make a small shutdown in the city of Brielle. One is a very old city, fortified, famous by the walls surrounded that it and their pit. There are many historical buildings in center of Brielle, among them the Arsenal, of 1708, and that today is a museum, and also the old city council, that also has become a museum.

Now yes, we approached until the beach of Rockanje, to see beautiful dunes of Voorne. We cross the prey of Haringvliet, to arrive at Dreischor, a town that can get to relate histories to us that date from 1206. In the heart of the city is its church, and a series of colorful houses around. Close is the Watersnood Museum, a museum that remembers the disaster that produced the floods of the 1 of February of 1953.

From Dreischor we can go now to the city of Zierikzee, a medieval port that hides precious boats, that are reflected in their waters. We can finish to our route something surrounds, in the city of Vlissingen, in a dusk in which we see happen through the Escalda river the boats about which always we dreamed.

And it is that Holland no longer is only the country of the tulips, no.

Photo Via Go Europe

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  1. hello I want to know as they call to the terrain taken to sea q q became Holland

    Commentary by giovana
    14-12-2009 @ 9:53 p.m.
  2. Hello Giovanna:

    Those terrain taken to the sea in Holland are called polders.


    Commentary by Javier
    20-12-2009 @ 7:45 p.m.

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