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H2otel in Rotterdam

Well, you have thought to travel to Rotterdam and to know it. I suppose that you need a lodging in the city, of course. You want how it? , simple? , original? , not very expensive. To see… we are going to think a little yes…, yes… or is, I believe that we have or it. It is not really very difficult to need that the H2otel, yes, yes, you read as it, is one of the lodgings that you must know in Rotterdam.

This hotel of three stars simply floats on the water, rising and lowering along with the tides. You do not create it to you. Then yes. And its rooms. To a very reasonable price. Those of the floor superior they are authentic rooms of art, relatively small and with inclined ceilings, where skylights instead of windows can be seen.

These rooms are prepared along the wharf, ideals for which you have bicycles in Rotterdam, since they are possible to be left in the railing.

Also there is room-terrace, similar to those of art, with the difference of which, in the door, they count on terrace, tables and chairs. In the plant inferior the rooms have the flat ceiling, with a great eye of ox as a windows. The double rooms give towards the wharf.

The common rooms of the hotel consist of a lobby in the floor superior, a bar-brewery that also serves as restaurant, with a terrace in the part superior, and a room next to her where buffet uses to the breakfast all the mornings.

The location of the hotel is ideal, since it is in the way of an pleasant stroll from the central station of railroad. Concretely it is to only minutes of the Station Blaak de Rotterdam, that it connects with the meter of the city and the train of Amsterdam, including the airport of Schiphol and its flights to the city.

From this hotel you can arrive without difficulties at anyone from the most interesting places of Rotterdam. It is necessary at no moment for taking neither a taxi nor a bus. Besides cheap, the H2otel will save good part to you of the public transport in the city.

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