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Vogelpark Birds

The Vogelpark park Birds is the main tourist attraction of Alphen aan give Rijn, in the Groene Hart, literally translated like the green heart, a region of the south of Holland. Vogelpark Birds is a green alternative in our medieval excursion by Gouda, Delft or Leiden, a relajante destiny at which it is possible to be arrived from anyone from the great cities of Holland.

Vogelpark Birds is greater and older the park of birds of the Netherlands. It was born from the idea of a manufacturer of hats, who wanted to lodge to the units tuna more than she knew. its location to the outskirts of the industrial zone of Alphen is explained there aan give Rijn. Vogelpark Birds abrió in 1950, and comprises of the great Dutch company Van der Valk, that has like emblem a colorful toucan.

Birds shelter birds in cages outdoors and. The birds enjoy a habitat very similar to the one of their place of origin. The colony of flamenco of Cuba is greatest of Europe, and the tourists can enter almost touching to these birds. There is a biotope of the Philippines that also lodges a great amount of rare birds. Birds also have a great selection of toucans and parrots.

During the summer season there is demonstrations of prey birds and feeding of the birds almost every day, including the pelicans and the penguins. In addition, there is a special center where the night and the day have been reversed so that the nocturnal birds can be seen.

The observation of birds is not the unique activity in Birds. A very popular part of Birds is the zone of games of children. This area counts on numerous swings and toboganes. The majority of the attractions is gratuitous, with the exception of the small boats, that are worth 2 Euros. There are electronic games also in an ample lobby.

There are several restaurants and kiosks distributed by all the park. The prices are very reasonable. Van der the Valk Hotel is a comfortable lodging located next to Vogelpark Birds. One is an ideal place for which they come with children. The guests of the hotel will enjoy ample parking gratuitous and the free entrance to the park. The majority of the rooms has views to the park or the Rhin river.

Additional information

· Schedules: Vogelpark Birds abre of the year of 09,00 to 18,00 hours every day, although some attractions abren one hour later. The park follows open for the clients of the hotel after the hour of the closing
· Transport: The car is the way easiest to arrive at the park, although there is a service of buses public. The signaling is very clear and counts on a very abundant parking

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