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The airport of Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is very famous by its immense port, known like the Door of Europe. The visit by its wharves is inescapable, and are recommendable the short trips that, as a cruise, can be realized by their waters. But we do not have to forget to us the other great receiver of passengers of the city.

The Airport the International of Rotterdam is of the main ones in Holland. Account with domestic flights and international and is in operation from year 1956. It was installed 8 kilometers to the northwest of the urban center.

It has a single Terminal and three beaches for parking. In addition, the Golden Delicious hotel Tulip Rotterdam Airport is to little meters from the exit, so that it is possible to arrive on foot at him, although works a courtesy bus. In the Hall of arrivals rooms for this and other near hotels in Rotterdam can be reserved.

Nevertheless, if the destiny is downtown of Rotterdam, there are several options to move until there. In the same airport, in his Hall of arrivals, there are counters to rent cars of five companies.

Also it is possible to just take a taxi in the shutdowns located in front of the exit of the hall of arrivals. As far as the buses, line 33 unites to the airport with the Central station of Rotterdam in a trip of 20 minutes.

Who have arrived at this airport but they must go to another Dutch city, the company Rotterdam Airport Shuttle counts on buses that move until the Central station of Amsterdam (70 minutes), until the Central station of The Hague (45 minutes) and until Delft (20 minutes).

Inside the airport also purchases of diverse products can be realized in the many stores, besides the infaltables duty free stores. There is a bank that takes care of the 24 hours and several tellers automatic. As far as the gastronomical service, there is a bar of supermarket and a restaurant with magnificent views.

Photo Via: Cruise Port Rotterdam

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