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The old wharf of Oudehaven, Rotterdam

Oudehaven is the name of the oldest wharf of the port of Rotterdam. Their origins go back to year 1351, although by the end of century XX it was modernized by architect Peit Blom. At the moment, she is one of the most colorful zones to take a walk, since there is a great amount of moored historical boats there.

It is in truth a museum outdoors, although also it works like a luck of factory thanks to the Koningspoort Shipyard, a space in which the owners of raise them to the ships mainland and they are in charge to put them to point, to recover them and to conserve them in so good state as if they were new.

In addition, in this part of the port are other important attractions of Rotterdam, like the cubical houses and the Wijnhaven houses. But history one is, monuments as church sends us to the Laurenskerk to year 150 of ours were, when the zone already was inhabited.

During the time at which the new railway tunnel was excavated, were evidences of the developed international trade in the Average Age. One was coined currencies in France and Germany between centuries X and XII.

The typical architecture of the houses of century XVIII is the symbol of the prosperous economic situation reached about the retailers, who built residences in the floors superiors and installed their stores in the ground floor.

A later monument, but without doubts remarkable, was thus called White House, a building constructed in 1898, and that by that then ones was the highest skyscraper of all Europe.

Successive remodelings of the port in the last ended project, carried out by Piet Blom, that built the famous cubical houses, among other things. In addition, from that then atmosphere of Oude Haven she is active and full of proposals.

Restaurants, bars and discotheques offer an ample fan of options to enjoy by day as much as at night, in the wonderful historical surroundings that offer the port.

Photo Via: Locr

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