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Maeslantkering, Rotterdam

Het Keringhuis is an important recreational center and of information of Rotterdam, located next to the dock of Maeslantkering. The construction comprises of the Nieuwe Waterweg, a designed project to maintain safe from floods to territories of Southern Holland.

The construction of Maeslantkering initiated in 1991, but just it began to operate in 1997, after six years of continuous work. It thus works in connection with a computer science system that considers the climatic factors and of level of the sea, allowing him to close his floodgates when it is necessary.

In Het Keringhuis, numerous exhibitions tell us why and how of Maeslantkering: why the floods are caused and how to stop them. In addition, the views that are obtained thence on the immense construction are fabulous.

Between the samples abiertas to the public, they include a scale model on totally functional scale and of the dock, interactive a centennial and material canoe, like for example a questionnaire about the swelling of the water and the floods.

In Het Keringhuis visits guided for groups are organized (they must be confirmed ahead of time) that include the visit to the same dock. They last an hour and a half approximately and they are available in Dutch, English and German.

Also special events are realized, as birthdays and Tours combined with a footpath in bicycle or a trip in boat. In fact, one of the forms to accede to Het Keringhuis is arriving by aquatic route (with previous notification), throughout Nieuwe Waterweg.

This water obstacle is an artificial ramification of the Rhine river, and the main line from access to the port of Rotterdam, that sometimes was greatest of the world and that still today is a colossus difficult to compare.

Practical information

• Address: Nieuw Oranjekanaal 139
• Gratuitous entrance.
• Email:

Photo Via: Unie van Waterschappen

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