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Suspension bridge in the Diergaarde Blijdorp

The Diergaarde Blijdorp is a zoological one located in the North part of Rotterdam and is one of oldest of Holland, the past year celebrated its anniversary number 150. There many animal in their own mini continent can be seen, where they feel of wonder being in his own habitat.

Zoological the original one of the Rotterdam was lost totally during the bombings during World War II that most of destroyed downtown. Blijdorp was constructed a little more to the north than the old one where it abrió in 1940. In the 2001 zoo became the double of its size when the Oceanium was inaugurated where is the aquarium.

In a stroll by the mini continent of Asia monkeys can be seen jumping by the trees, pheasants and pigs in the forest of Malaysia, whereas in the Chinese garden we can be found against in front with the huge elephants and there also a stroll by the amazing suspension bridge can be given that is right next to a cataract.

Glass tunnel in the Ocenarium

The Ocenarium allows its visitors to discover the Atlantic Ocean, the Californian coasts, Caribbean and the North Sea premises. There marine stars can be seen, from Leon sailors, sharks leopard and frogs of Colorado. In addition it is possible to be seen the sharks in the glass tunnel front that it has more than 22 meters and where the life under the water of natural way can be seen.

Besides amusing itself seeing tens of animal in his natural habitat, smallest the house also they can enjoy jumping, scaling and using the rodadero in the form of crocodile in the Jungle of the Kiboko Children, where there is an exciting network to climb. In addition they can have direct bonding with the animal in the Zoo to caress, where it is possible to be fed small animal like goats and rabbits.

During the summer a camping in the zoological one exists where the boys can be sleeping in the Park of Giraffes, closely together of all the animal that are there. In addition they will have the opportunity to help the animal caretakers to realize its daily workings.

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