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Nul10, a modern proposal of Rotterdam

All the great cities have variable gastronomical supplies and for all the pockets, but not always he is simple to give with the indicated place. Sometimes, the best restaurants are hidden in some point from the city at which never we arrived, and for that reason it is good for arriving at our destiny with a good idea about the location of some sites that we would not have to stop visiting.

One of the most distinguished restaurants of Rotterdam is without doubts the Gard. Rum Deelen, famous chef, is the one who will be in charge of doing of the evening one night unforgettable. The exclusive plates that prepare in their kitchen have gained him prestige in all Holland: prawns in sauce of champagne and duck with goose liver are their masterpieces.

The Gard is a small restaurant, with a rustic decoration. In it works, next to Rum, his Anja wife, who is maitre of the place. A remarkable particularitity is that dogs admit themselves here, which goes of the helpful and familiar hand with policy which they follow the Deelen.

Another imperdible corner of the city, that in fact is in the heights, is the Maaskant. It is located in the terrace of the New York Hotel, that has been redecorated recently and now it exhibits an ultramodern aspect. The menu counts on international local subjects of gossip of high quality.

It is not possible to leave Holland without going at least once to Nul10. It is a modern restaurant that operates the simplicity and the naturalness to shape them in its plates and their atmosphere. The vegetables and the made meats of all type with simplicity manage to maintain their flavors intact and are a festival for the palate.

The desserts abound in chocolate, that is classic a Dutch. The jazz music sounds at any moment, managing to construct a relajante atmosphere. It is common that the companions at table do not leave the restaurant until very late, attracted by the atmosphere of peace and friendliness that reigns in the air.

Practical information


  • Address: Mr. Iman Caustraat 4
  • Schedule of the kitchen: from 18 to 22 hs. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Gratuitous parking.


  • Address: Koninginnehoofd 1
  • Schedule of the kitchen: 10 to 00 hs.


  • Address: Westerstraat 39
  • Schedule of the kitchen: 18 to 22 hs. Of Tuesday to Friday, also from 12 to 15 hs.

Photo Via: Dining City

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