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Lijnbaan, commercial pedestrian stroll of Rotterdam, purchases

Pedestrian commercial Lijnbaan

To go of purchases in Rotterdam is a very pleasant experience. The urban infrastructure has considered very to the fans to shopping, and by them the city counts on an exclusive circuit in which tourist and the premises they move with equal soltura, as if everything what we looked for outside appearing before our eyes naturally. We cross these streets, to see what we found to take of memory.

The commercial zone par excellence in the city of Rotterdam is in Lijnbaan. This pedestrian, free stroll of noisy and annoying vehicles, is ideal to relax and to enjoy a long walk, being watched show windows of objects of all type. Fashion, electronics, music, books and whatever we are arranged to find, we can obtain it here.

Lijnbaan has worked from 1953, in replacement of the old district of purchases that was destroyed completely during the bombing of 1940, in World War II. Average Markt - electronic, Donner - books, CDs and DVDs- and the ice-cream shop Horseradish tree and Jerry' s are some outstanding commerce of this sector.

If we go in search of something more traditional, then the destiny will be the markets. One of most famous is the Book Market located in Grote Kerkplein. It works the days Tuesday and Saturdays, and abounds in currencies, seals and thematic books used of all the imaginable ones.

Sundays, between April and September, the Dominical Market mounts in Schiedamsedijk, where they do not lack books, but either an ample variety of works of art and antiques.

Tuesdays and Saturdays, also we can visit the great bazaar of Blaak, where more than 450 positions they sell meals of all the sites of the world, clothes and footwear, flowers and plants, and who knows what other unexpected objects. One is the third greater market of the Netherlands, in operation from 1340.

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