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Illuminated Madurodam, spectacle of lights

Holland is a country where one can find a great number of small cities, traditional and colorful, but no of them can surpass by its tiny proportions to Madurodam, a city on scale 1:25 that constitutes one of main the attractiveness of The Hague.

This city in miniature is famous between great and small, and this year presents/displays a spectacle of lights known like Illuminated Madurodam! , in that infinity of images projects on their tile roofs, turning it into a site even more magician than already is.

Each behind schedule, when falling the sun, the lights count a history of Hansje Brinker about the fight of the Dutch against the advance of the waters that surround to the country. In a story atmosphere of you foretell, this event is realized with laser, dancing projection of lights and waters.

With 55 years of history, Madurodam is a Dutch attraction that re-invents every propose new year to offer its public. In this luck of scale model of an imaginary city, as distant buildings are conjugated as the Market of the Cheese of Alkmaar, the Palace of La Paz of The Hague, the Real Palace of Amsterdam and the Tower of the Cathedral of Utrecht.

Furrowed by channels and surrounded by a beautiful garden of flowers magnificently decorated, with a floral variety that only the Dutch are able to reunite, it is a perfect destiny to visit in combination with other near destinies, like the Schevening Beach and the dunes of The Hague.

I had the opportunity to visit it in a route that I was done by the country looking for to me hotels in Holland which they had good relation quality/price, and after spending several days in Amsterdam, later I visited places like Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague and finally, Madurodam. And the truth I left, enchanted of the detail degree that has this small city in miniature.

Practical information

· Schedules: from the 4 to the 31 of July, 23 hs. ; from the 1 to the 31 of August, 22,30 hs. ; of the 17 of October to 1º of November, 19,45 hs. ; of the 21 of December to the 3 of January of 2010, to 18,30 hs.

Photo Via: Trip Adviser

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