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When we traveled to Holland many we went to look for main the attractiveness of one of its more tourist cities, Amsterdam. Nevertheless there are other great worthy places of interest and with many and interesting attractive in her. Indeed today we went until the capital of Holland, The Hague, to visit Madurodam.

For that they do not know it, Madurodam is one of the most peculiar and interesting places of The Hague. One is a city in inaugurated miniature in 1952 July and in which we can most of see great Dutch monuments of history a size 25 times inferior. Nor that to say it has is a perfect place to happen behind schedule in family, an attraction that to the children will fascinate to them.

Peculiarly Madurodam has until its own mayor, who chooses itself through an advice of municipal youth that consists of 25 students of the schools of the region. From her inauguration the mayoress was the then princess of Holland, Beatriz, went that it until getting to be queen.

Madurodam is the opportunity to see Holland in pequeñito. Mills, channels, typical landscapes of tulips and monuments and traditional houses, in Madurodam can be done visits by our account and two types of routes, the one of the architecture and the one of the water. In order to do anyone of these routes you can ask for them to the entrance, since they are also in Spanish.

In addition every night the spectacle is celebrated in Madurodam Madurodam nocturne by Light. If you go to your finder cheap flights and visit Madurodam by day it is not necessary that you remain until the night in the enclosure, but you can iros, to rest a little, and to return at night without needing paying a special entrance. Light, image and sound for frankly fascinating an audio-visual spectacle.

Between the places and monuments that you will see in miniature are the Dam Place of Amsterdam, with the Real Palace, the Binnenhof de The Hague, the prairies of Dutch tulips, the Stage of the PSV in Eindhoven, the port of Rotterdam, the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam, and in the opposed part of the exit a subterranean where you will see a gallery with giant figures done of sand. In addition this small city has until its own system of illumination, with lampposts in the street and some lights that can be seen after the windows.

- Useful Information

· Schedules: Madurodam abre all the year, of the 1 of January to the 2 of July of 09,00 to 20,00 hours; of the 3 of July to the 31 of August of 09,00 to 23,00 hours; of the 1 of September to the 31 of December of 09,00 to 18,00 hours. The ticket offices will close one hour before the closing of the park.
· Prices: Adults 14.50 Euros, Children of 3 to 11 years 10.50 Euros, Children of 0 to 2 years free, Majors of 65 years 13.50 Euros

- How to arrive at Madurodam

If you go in Madurodam car he finds between the center of The Hague and Scheveningen. If you lead from The Hague there you must look for the indications that say Scheveningen Haven, and of the signals in which he puts Madurodam.

Also there are possibilities of going in street car from the Central station of The Hague and the bus-station of the city. We can go in the street car 9 number and the bus number 22.

Photo Via WV Jazzman

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