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Certainly you know that Holland is a country of wonderful landscapes. Natural wind tulips, mills, parks… what better way to discover all these spectacular landscapes that to make some cruise by Holland. We recommended to you that the best times to make a cruise in Holland it begins in the months of April, with the explosion of the spring.

There are many options to make a cruise in Holland. The boats hotels are the most common alternative between the tourists, since they offer the best thing of the gastronomy of the country. You can sail throughout the rivers, channels, Lagos and seas of Holland.

One of the visited regions more in cruise is Friesland, with hundreds of Lagos. The cruises by Friesland will take to contemplate to numerous cities and coastal towns to us that will offer the possibility to you of knowing the Holland most traditional.

You know the city of Loosdrecht. Then if you have thought to make a cruise by Holland you must have it in account, since perhaps it is the best place to initiate a cruise that takes to Amsterdam, Hilversum and Utrecht. It will be a precious route throughout channels and Lagos to see the Dutch landscape, docks and bridges that rise to our step.

But, from Holland also you can cross not only the landscapes and the cities of the Dutch country, but also you can plan some route that takes to Belgium, to know Antwerp, Brujas or Brussels, beginning our cruise in Amsterdam, through the rivers Rhin and Mosa.

Also cruises can even be done from Holland through the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean, arriving at Sweden and the Croatia. It is clear that this last cruise can even take to us up to two weeks of duration, reason why at the time of planning it, we will have to consider the time del that we arrange. A cruise to Great Britain of a day is not the same, that through the Mediterranean.

All these cruises offer basic lodging, food and all the needs. Only it is left us already to go to our finder of cheap flights, to reserve our trip, and to be first in arriving at our cruise.

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