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Light of Urk

Many of the Dutch cities back have an ancestral prestige of many centuries like important commercial ports. One of those places that come developing its marine work is Urk, located in the province of Flevoland, one of the corners where the tradition and the fishing commerce are more famous in Holland.

One of the symbols and the most traditional views of Urk is its light, located in the coast this of Ijsselmeer, just next to the same town. From 1617 one comes using for the use from the local fishermen and the boats that traveled from Amsterdam to the North Sea. Nevertheless, the present light that we can see at the moment dates from 1837.

The tower of the light of 27 meters of height was constructed in 1845 (indeed the first stone was placed the 18 of May of 1844) and recovered in 1972. In 1982 east Light of Urk National Monument was declared, reason why there are even guided visits to know this place. They say that it is the unique light of the zone of the Ijsselmeer with system of rotatory light.

The white tower is of color and plants to circulate, with small windows as you are raising the top. It arrives is the cristalera with the lenses, finished off with one pequela green cupola. From always he has really been one of the points of welcome as much for the local fishermen as for the boats of the North Sea.

And it is that it is difficult to find so traditional and popular a place as Urk, where are possible to be made guided visits to know some his more colorful enclaves, between which is how not its light. Near him you will see many fishermen mending its networks with its typical clothes. A place from great flavor to fishing town.

So if you approach until the province of Flevoland you must go to discover this Light of Urk, one of oldest and traditional. The views to the sea that are had from him are at least precious.

Photo Via Planetware

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