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Channels of Amsterdam

Finally after four years the channels of Amsterdam, those that are in center of the city, have been declared from the day 1 of August Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. Without doubting it he is one of the most representative symbols of the city, and one of the essential visits. Now already you know that when naveguéis you will be crossing a Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO.

At the end of century XVI the commerce was growing of spectacular form in Amsterdam, becoming one of the more important commercial centers of the world. Up to here merchandize arrived trading and from all the corners, which caused the construction of great mansions that heightened the beauty of Amsterdam.

The city had to expand since every time more people got to live in her. Just by deciros that enters 1610 and 1620 the population duplicated itself…, arriving itself until the 200,000 inhabitants in 1650. And all thanks indeed to this commerce for the channels of Amsterdam.

Or in 1613 the construction of the three first channels, the Herengracht or Canal of the Horsemen began, the Keizersgracht or Canal of the Emperor and the Prinsengracht or Canal of the Prince. It was not but until 1662 when the belt of channels was extended. This belt surrounded all the old medieval city.

This network of channels is placed to the west and the south of the medieval historical center. UNESCO, besides by the enormous beauty of these channels and the pintoresquismo that they give to the city, has awarded the fact that this structure was a reference of model of urbanism in those centuries, especially in century XIX.

It is clear that these channels are one of the majors tourist reclamations of Amsterdam, since they are the thousand tourists who cross in boat every day. In addition in them many events are celebrated, like the traditional Day of Reina, that fill of small boats and until floating bars. We hope that with this designation they allow to place more terraces next to the channels, since usually there are no many we say.

So if you have thought to visit Amsterdam in the next dates, to cross the channels of the city since you will be crossing everything a Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO.

Image facilitated by the Office of Tourism of Holland

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