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The Greenhouse

To go to Amsterdam and not to enter at least some of his coffee shops would be a tourist crime of first level. Although we have thought neither to smoke nor to buy hashish and marijuana, to see a little the atmosphere and to throw some that another photo would not be absolutely bad. Nevertheless, if we have thought to prove something, it is always good for knowing best coffee shops Amsterdam.

We can begin in Katsu, coffee shop located in Van der Helststraat, near the market of Albert Cuyp. It is a small and cosy place, that has been open about twenty years. They sell up to 20 varieties different from marijuana and 16 of hashish. In its bar also you can eat sandwiches, candies and appetizer, so also you can still enter without wanting to smoke.

Another one of coffee shops that you must know is Of Dampkring, located in Handboogstraat, coffee shop that also sells alcohol. The prestige premises, that have sometimes gained the Cup Cannabis and that counts on a decoration a little megafashion. Without going more far, some scenes of the film Ocean' s 12 were filmed here. It abrió his doors in 1993 and he is very popular in the city.

The Greenhouse is another one from the places to which you must go. It is located in the Red District and also it has gained the Cup Cannabis. It is decorated with photos of great celebrities and artists who have happened this way, among them Britney Spears. Very good music and atmosphere, there is drinks, appetizer and even plates of chicken with butter and cheese tables, his specialties.

Of we can here go until Amnesia, coffee shop located in Herengracht. Perhaps the best thing is their almost idyllic location here, since marijuana with the view put in the channels of Amsterdam can be smoked. Music that usually puts is house, although to a smooth rate to pass a behind schedule very pleasant one. Their hashish and its marijuana are of great quality and to a very reasonable price.

Finally we remained with Hill Street Blues, located in the Warmoesstraat, the premises that although it does not sell alcohol compensate, it with exceptional juices of fruit. I do not know how it will be the mixture to smoke marijuana or hashish and beberte a juice of fruits, but you can well prove a thing or another one. The premises are decorated completely with graffitti.

Certainly coffee are many shops interesting more in Amsterdam. If you want, and you have been in some of the city, us you can comment to make a list of them, what it seems to you.

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