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Himalayas bookstore

Yes I recognize, it, I am of those hardened booksellers who when they see a bookstore do all the possible one to enter her. They are where they are, taking a walk in any city, although they are foreign books and Pope does not understand nor of them. For example, taking a walk and looking for what to see in Amsterdam, that there are precious bookstores, although I have my favorite…

One is the Himalayas Bookstore, that unlike the typical bookstores that one imagines, this in addition is a tearoom. He is not very far from the tourist streets, between the Red District and the Dam Place. A very calm place, relaxed, we would even say that spiritual. Really, which one imagines from outside, whenever it does not work in her, who is a bookstore, no.

The main entrance is in the Warmoesstraat street. A bookseller to enter a place thus is like a sanctuary. They say that it is the bookstore of spiritual subjects greater of Holland, Literature new age that to him usually call now, of autoyuda and other subjects, so that we are understood. Here you will find books in Dutch and English on natural astrology, religion, medicines, esoterismo…

The books appear next to small statues of Buddha, stones of colors, minerals, aromas of incense… And sometimes the small rumor of conversations in the back part of the store arrives, where is the tearoom. If you happen to him you will also see a quite calm space, with its chairs and tables of wood. Like in the bookstore, the decoration is clearly Eastern, hinduista, with Buddhist, small statues querubines and religious objects.

But besides bookstore and tearoom, the Himalayas also has a small menu to eat. There are homemade soups, salads, small covers, sweet rolls, cakes and cakes. That yes, the food is one hundred vegetarian percent and ecological products, you do not hope to prove churrascada or a something thus. The prices of the meals oscillate between the 1.50 and the 7.50 Euros.

Already, already I know that it is not a site that usually comes in a guide of Amsterdam, so thanks to being a hardened bookseller I could right in the center discover this so interesting place of Amsterdam. Behind which it stops many would be a simple spiritual bookstore is a beautiful and relajante tearoom to happen behind schedule animated.

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The Himalayas Bookstore and its hall and tea abre Mondays from 12,00 to 18,00, of Tuesday to Saturday of 10,00 to 18,00 and Sundays of 12,00 to 17,30 hours.

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