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Fair of Tilburgo

Of the 16 to 25 of next July all those that you are in Holland you must acercaros until Tilburgo, to the south of the country, to live its traditional Fair on Tilburgo, the Tilburgse Kermis, as it is known him this way.

Ten holidays in center of the city, with numerous events, activities and attractions to pass it in great.

To tell the truth they tell that this fair, or Kermis, is one old tradition that dates from the Roman time. Then a species of days off was celebrated in which nobody worked, important days for the local festival that they took place to commemorate a significant event, the beginning or the collection of a harvest or even the Christmas dates.

It was the time at which the majority of the retailers came until Tilburgo to sell their products, reason why product fairs were organized, medieval swap-meets that they were little by little generating in populated fairs. Nowadays all the inhabitants of Tilburgo and their environs lie down to the street to enjoy the events and the attractions.

The attractions of fair began to appear especially in century XVIII. small attractions done of wood. Today we have of everything, from great chain dumps to huntings, happening through the classic lotteries, games of shot, biNgos, etc… And it is that the Fair of Tilburgo is the greatest fair of Holland and one of greatest of the north of Europe.

These ten holidays, that will begin Friday 16 of July and will finish to the night of Sunday day 25 with a fireworks spectacle, and usually are dedicated in particular to different groups. For example there is a day spent to the childhood, another one to the majors, another one to the disabled ones, and how no, the famous Pink Monday, Pink Monday, dedicated to the homosexuals, all of them dresses of rose.

The Fair of Tilburgo is one of the great events in the month of July in Holland. If you have thought to spend your vacations this way you do not forget pasaros at least a day by Tilburgo, a city to little more than one hundred kilometers of Amsterdam, very cerquita of Breda.

Photo Via Kevin Smeekens

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