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Today we were placed hardly to about sixty kilometers to the south of Amsterdam, very cerquita of Utrecht and mainly of Gouda, reason why it could be a perfect excursion if we make tourism in anyone of these three cities. One is Haastrecht, a city that was based there by century XII on the mouth of the Vlist river.

Perhaps in the Average Age we would have been a Haastrecht different, with the presence of a castle of the century XIV, whose rest was in century XX, completely already destroyed. Of all ways it is possible to be taken a walk by this so colorful place, del that there is to emphasize the building of its City council, constructed in 1618. In its origin it was a small jail, but soon it happened to be consistorial building, when moving the jail to Gouda, that as soon as it is to six kilometers of Haastrecht.

Not very far from the City council we must cross the small drawbridge that there is on the Ijssel river. Peculiarly until 1965 it was necessary to pay a tax to be able to cross this bridge with merchandize. Calm, now it is possible to be crossed freely.

Another one of the buildings that are not due to escape to you in your visit to Haastrecht is its gorgeous church of century XIII. Unfortunately enough it was damaged with a fire in 1963, but it is conserved very well. Nevertheless so it sees the place in that you will see more tourists is the Museum Bisdom van Vliet, located in an old building of 1876, constructed by Marcellus Bisdom, that was mayor of Haastrech during fifty years.

One is a very peculiar museum because it offers to us how they lived a normal and current family in Holland on century XIX, and mainly in Haastrecht. The house has not changed absolutely from the death of Marcellus Bisdom, reason why you will see old furniture, utensils of kitchen and other households. Indeed, Bisdom left writing in its testament that its house became a museum.

Leaving Haastrecht, the left border of the Ijssel river, in the direction of Gouda, you will see the precious Mill of Haastrecht, the unique water mill constructed in brick of all the Netherlands. One really is a very colorful mill of great beauty.

As you see Haastrecht or could be one of those places to save a day of the bullicio of Amsterdam or Utrecht. You will enjoy your route.

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  1. Greetings again from Peru, this landscape is very pretty all that presents/displays to us every time more I am impressed by all their varied culture I congratulate, them someday I will be visiting them, greetings and to prevail.

    Commentary by David
    11-07-2010 @ 5:23 p.m.

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