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The Maastricht, besides sounding to European policy, is one of the most tourist cities of Holland. One is to the south-east of the country, wonderfully located to both sides of the Mosa river. Its architecture and its history are exposed clearly in its buildings, although we have today not come up to here to visit museums and others, but to go to us of purchases.

And to go of purchases in the Maastricht nothing better than to approach to us until the Stokstraat, the most commercial street of the city. At first it will seem to you a somewhat narrow street and it narrows, nevertheless is full of great stores in which to find of everything. From clothes to antiques, happening through old, movable bookstores, souvenirs and other small gifts for the family.

The Sotkstraat is one bellísimca totally pedestrian and paved with stones street. The week ends usually are occupied enough, besides in the morning and afternoon, with tourists and local inhabitants of purchases. This street is placed historical in center of the Maastricht, and after years of abandonment it was recovered in the middle of century XX to offer a very colorful aspect.

Besides lodging the best stores fashionable of the city, fijaros in its houses, of gorgeous facades but that conserve the enchantment of the old thing. Besides the facades, the exclusive stores and the pavement of the streets, you will see small places and monuments. Sometimes it sounds stanching of the wheels of a car of horses on stones of the ground. A stroll at dusk by the Stokstraat feels like essential in the Maastricht.

Besides stores, the street also counts on bars and restaurants where to seat to us to take something and to rest of our purchases. Many of them remember the old Roman vestiges of this street or the medieval markets that were celebrated in the zone. Far they are already the memories of a poor street, in which the paupers on the Maastricht at the end of XIX and the principles of the XX lived.

Nowadays one has become one of the most colorful places to take a walk in the Maastricht. Perhaps the prices of their stores are too exclusive for our pockets, but the simple fact to walk by their pavement and to enjoy the fachadad of their houses, the majority that yes vacated, is worth very many the trouble.

If you have thought to travel to this city and to reserve your Maastricht flights, you do not doubt in acercaros by this so colorful place.

Photo Via Patrick Debats

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