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Amsterdam Gay Pride

Holland gets dressed celebration in summer, and everything so that your vacations of are animated. Certainly in the Netherlands, and any other point of the planet, we have finished a little fed up with as much cold in winter. With the arrival of the good time, everything seems to jump by airs in search of diversion. There are so many celebrations to enjoy in Holland the beginning of the summer.

For example, from the 1 to the 23 of June of the 2010 the Festival of Holland will take place, an international festival of theater, music and dances in the streets of Amsterdam, ideal for your trip to Amsterdam. It will follow the traditional Oerol to him Festival, from the 11 to the 20 of June, a festival of theater, music and dances, ten days of events and spectacles in the island of Terschelling.

From the 17 to the 27 of June the one Of Parade Rotterdam will be celebrated in the Museumpark de Rotterdam, a cultural festival with theater, music, cinema and gastronomy. By those dates, days 19 and 20 of June, we will have the World-wide Festival, a festival of culture and music that will be celebrated in Tilburg.

In the locality of Broek op Langendijk will be carried out the 20 of June the traditional Indian Summer Festival, a festival of music in an area of great natural beauty. The 26 of June in The Hague we have the celebration of the Day of the Veterans, with music and military parades. Also in The Hague, concretely in Zuiderpark, it will take place the 27 of Parkpop June, one of the outdoors greater festivales of music of Europe. That same day 27 of June the Rockin is celebrated' Park, a day of rock and MGP in the city of Nijmegen.

We happen now to the month of July, very good date for our trips to Holland, with the celebration of the one Of Parade of The Hague, from the 2 to the 11 of July. With the same reason we will have the one Of Parade in Utrecht of the 16 of July to the 1 of August, whereas by the streets of Rotterdam, the 31 of July, the Summer Carnival Parade is carried out. The 1 of July in Amsterdam, in Oosterpark, is celebrated the Keti Koti Festival, that commemorates the abolition of the slavery in Surinam and the Dutch Antilles the 1 of 1863 July.

Days 9, 10 and 11 of July we have in Rotterdam the North Is Jazz Festival, one of the majors spectacles of jazz of the Netherlands. Finally, of the 17 of July to the 22 of August we will have in the Bijlmerpark of Amsterdam the Kwakoe Zomer Festival, with concerts, cinema and gastronomy.

We will finish in August our summer in Holland with Amsterdam Gay Pride, days 6, 7 and 8 of August, and the one Of Parade Amsterdam between days 6 and 22 of the same month.

These are some of the excuses to spend our vacations of summer in Holland, what seems to you.

Photo Via: Geertfotografeert

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