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The light of Harlingen

The lights are emblems of all coastal town with exit to the sea. From always, they have inspired to poets, thinkers and, of course, to travellers. Luminous and at night fascinating during the day, usually they are historical sites to visit by some minutes, or structures constructed in a small and remote small barren island, to which it is difficult to arrive.

Then, the light of Harlingen is a very special case. Form leaves from an increasing tendency, but not very simple to carry out, that gives rise in these discharges and legendary towers for those who wish to stay themselves in them. The Light of Savudrija, in the Croatia, and the Corsewall Light, in Scotland, is two good examples of these peculiar hotels that can be in the most distant sites of the planet.

Harlingen has the privilege of being the unique harbor locality of the province of Friesland, in the north of the country. Its light was not built, like many others, in some land out to sea, but it is same in center of the city.

Recovered of such form that is inhabitable and extremely comfortable, the light of Harlingen is today one of those peculiar hotels, in particular a hotel with capacity for two guests in a room. Of course, the views that are obtained thence are magnificent, especially those that they give to the old port, to the ocean and the near islands Frisias de Terschelling and Vlieland.

The interior of the light counts on three plants of exclusive use, decorated and equipped according to luxury standards. That yes: in order to arrive until them it is necessary to raise stairs of 80 steps. To have it in account when preparing the suitcases, please.

Every morning, the personnel of the hotel takes to the guests the breakfast, and is necessary to lower to receive it on the foot of the stairs. The cost is of approximately 319 € per night and, as it is to imagine, it is necessary to reserve ahead of time.

Photo Via: Perpetual The tourist

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