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I never thought that in a city as Leiden were going to be able to do one of the trips in the time more wonderful than I have been able to never do. To take a walk by this city is like doing it during the Average Age, contemplating to its buildings and the oldest university of Holland. Here you will see some of older historical monuments of the country.

Many of them have more than five hundred years of history. It is practically impossible to include all these historical monuments in an article, since according to two thousands in the limits count has more than that the city includes, from the doors of the old walls, happening through their churches and their excellent university.

Indeed the University of Leiden was based on 1575, and still today it lodges until a total of 18,000 students. In all the city there are buildings that belong to the different faculties and campus. One of those buildings is the Het Gravensteen, that before comprising of the university got to be a residence and until a prison.

But before the construction of the university already there were historical buildings in Leiden that nowadays can be seen. For example the Pieterskerk or Church of San Pedro, that was constructed between centuries XII and XVI. To visit it is a true one to please, not only by its architecture but by the tombs of remarkable personages that they are in its interior.

Peculiarly in Leiden there was a total of 35 hospicios during the Average Age. The majority of them was buildings of great historical value, although if you must visit some the one that better is conserved is the Hospicio of Santa Ana, who dates from 1492. It does few years was recovered to be able to see his beautiful chapel, of principles of the century XVI, that lodges the oldest show windows of Holland.

But to travel in the time nothing better than to give a stroll by Of Burcht, the citadel of Leiden. It is located in the hill of the city and thence wonderful views are had. An ideal place for the lovers of history and the photographies.

Like almost all the Dutch cities, Leiden also has its house of the weights, also well-known like Of Waage. Here it was where the cheeses and other articles were weighed before selling them. The one De Waage de Leiden dates from 1659, and was in use until the decade of 1970.

Finally acercaros also to see the Moorsport, one of the doors of the old walls. Once you enter by her you will travel until any point of the Average Age. Leiden is a charming and full place of history.

Photo Via Johan Leiden

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