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Castle of Muiderslot

It had always imagined to Holland like a country of castles. Not in vain it is only necessary to make use of medieval and modern history to give account to us of the great amount of battles that have taken Dutch ground place. It is no wonder many of their cities needed a strength from which to defend themselves.

One of the most famous and known castles than can be seen in Holland, and that surely you will have seen in some postal of the country, it is the Castle of Muiderslot in the city of Muiden, a castle that was used essentially to salvarguardar the commercial line between Muiden, to the south-east of Amsterdam, and Utrecht, one of the more important commercial cities of the time.

To visit this castle could be a perfect excursion if we are of tourism in Amsterdam, since as soon as it is to about fifteen kilometers of distance. Its location is very colorful, since it is right in the mouth of the Vecht river. It was constructed by Floris V in 1280, although its present aspect data of a century later, to control the commercial step of the zone, since the retailers had to pay to sail this way.

Peculiarly the Castle of Muiderslot comprises nowadays of the Rijksmuseum, since in this museum there is an interesting library of investigation of this museum, besides the kitchens, and several rooms with a collection of arms and armors. Really when you visit the castle you realize of which one is in a state of excellent conservation.

In spite of everything, the Castle of Muiderslot is not a very great strength, since their walls can have about ten meters of height and a thickness of 1.5 meters. Around the walls there is a pit that surrounded to all the strength. Peculiarly the author of this place, Floris V, was jailed in him, dying assassinated when she tried to escape.

If you visit the interior the so elegant decoration will astonish to you at the century XVII that shows. All this thanks to one of its more famous inhabitants, famous P.C.Hooft poet, who during 39 years took the castle as a residence from summer in which she invited to his friendly, other artists poets and painters. Indeed the majority of the pictures that adorn the rooms is of their property. Nonperderos the opportunity to travel with your flights low COST.

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The Castle of Muiderslot can be visited every day of 10,00 17,00 hours, and the ends week of 13,00 to 17,00 hours.

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