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In more than an occasion we have spoken of the pintoresquismo of some towns and Dutch cities to you. One never finishes being surprised of until where this fact, mainly when can arrive indeed visits a place like Bourtange, a small town in the form of star that, in front of bird, is at least surprising.

The name of Bourtange indeed comes from the situation and its origin to him. Located on crests of sand, or Tange in Dutch, it was growing as the farmers inhabited who it worked and they became hollow between his deserts, or Boeren.

To tell the truth, Bourtange seems to rise on a lake, and its waters a series of small islands of deserts that are conforming the drawing of a star. One is in the region of Westerwolde, the province of Groningen, and to about 32 kilometers of Emmen. One is a medieval town, that in its origin was a strength walled in centuries XVI and XVII.

The strength was constructed by Guillermo I of Orange in order to defend the highway that united Germany with Groningen, at a time at which the region was controlled by the Spanish troops.

After being left this strength in 1851 one became a town, the one that we can see today. At the moment as soon as it has a little more five hundred inhabitants, although it must be something idyllic to live in a place like this, with his paved with stones streets, his the green pools, bridges, zones and the colorful houses. Nowadays many of those bridges you will see that they are authentic drawbridges.

Many of the houses of Bourtange are also small museums where it is possible to be discovered how it was the life of the strength of century XVIII. In the decade of the 60 the old strength of Bourtange was reconstructed, to also turn it into a museum outdoors. There you will see defenses and bastions, drawbridges, satately houses, guns…

But also you will enjoy its historical stores, or a romantic dinner in some of the restaurants of the place of the market, in a place where it is possible well to be said that you will be on and under stars. The history of the old War of the Eighty Years still resonates after stones of Bourtange.

A true luxury near the border with Germany that you must visit. As we said to you, it seems that the pintoresquismo of a country as Holland does not have limits. Only we have left to discover it, and do we it with pleasure.

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