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Carlton Banks Mansion Hotel

Amsterdam is of those typical cities in which you do not have perderte any detail. Sometimes we are watching the guide of trips that we took and we confused a little, and in Amsterdam any confusion can cost to us expensive. Nonpreocuparos, which will only cost we will be to have left without seeing something to us interesting.

In my last visit I realized that Amsterdam is a city peculiarly with hotels tuna. Perhaps yes, we remained made an impression watching its channels, its bridges, its streets and places, but I had the luck to compile some hotels with a frankly very interesting architecture. You the comment you look for so that them in the city you see and them.

- Vondel Hotel

One really is one of the most exclusive hotels of the city, certainly outside totally of our budget. Park is in the precious Vondel, closely together of downtown. In his interior there are not two equal rooms, but all is wonderfully decorated by the Dutch artist Peter Keizer. To enter the lobby at least, to request permission to throw photos, and will captivate to you.

- Lloyd Hotel

This hotel is placed in a building enormous, but full of art. It has an architecture of style Art Deco that simply it impresses. All the rooms have been designed by Dutch artists. You can enter perfectly since, all the nights, there are in the ground floor events of all type, a day a small concert, another day a exhibition, a presentation of a book… and always free.

- Hotel V Fredericksplein

Perhaps of all the hotels that we presented/displayed to you, he is economic. Although to lodge in him there is to be a little fashion, so to speak, with his modern architecture. It is placed in the zone of Pip, a little far from the center that yes. The decoration is minimalist, elegant and very modern. To most strident it will enchant to them.

- Carlton Banks Mansion Hotel

This hotel is next to the channels of Amsterdam. Besides their charming architecture, all rooms have romantic views of the channels. Imaginaros a species from mansion to more puroo American style, very illuminated at night, and you will become an idea of the hotel that you will be.

- Roemer Hotel

He is another one of the most luxurious hotels of Amsterdam. The elegance of the interior can nothing else be seen transfer its doors. Chimneys, carpets, armchairs of leather, and even until elegant chairs within the elevators, something that had never seen. All the hotel is influenced by works of the Dutch artist Anton Heyboer, somewhat mysterious for the taste of some surely.

Photo Via Banks Mansion

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