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One of the principles that you will be engaged in of your trip by Holland is that you will never become bored. In no place, by small that is, they lack attractive nor the typical Dutch pintoresquismo. It is what it will be left you from your visit to the small town of Ootmarsum, located to about 200 kilometers of Amsterdam, near the border with Germany, and in the region of Twente, to the east of Holland.

It was a place whose name had never heard, but I visited since it I keep its memory with affection. One is in the province of Overijssel, and during the war with the Spaniards of centuries XVI and XVII it was under Hispanic domination until they were expelled in 1597.

Full city of art and architecture, and in its time of walled splendor, all the side streets of Ootmarsum you can find something interesting. You will outdoors see sculptures, galleries of art, museums, and in the month of July a peculiar swap-meet of onions all the Thursdays. By something they say that Ootmarsum is the city of the onion. Ootmarsum is that typical city that of so small has not let save the enchantment of the passage of time.

Between the statues that there are in the streets emphasize those of Sjalotje mainly and the one of Vlöggeln, that is in front of the Church of San Simón and San Judas, a statue that imagines the famous men of Passover. Worn Llevaros comfortable to take a walk by the streets of Ootmarsum since all of them are spotted and paved almost side streets.

The pintoresquismo of the houses and the balconies of the houses will cause that you do not stop throwing photos in this small route. In Ootmarsum there is a mill, that is known with the name of Mill van Oude Hengel. Everything seems treaty by far affection and care in this town, from the decoration of the facades from the houses to the stores.

Sentaros in the terraces of some of the cafeterias that border their streets and places, like that there is next to the beautiful and attractive Palace of Reina Beatriz. In the light of the lampposts with the fall of afternoon it is a true Ootmarsum delight. You can cross this small town and its environs in bicycle, thus to enjoy a calm weekend relax in Holland.

Photo Via Patrick Goossens

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