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City council of Gouda

Anyone would say that a building like this, almost of story of you foretell, would be in one of the cities of cheeses par excellence as it is Gouda. We were placed in the Grote Martk of this city to contemplate the beauty of the City council of Gouda, the Stadhuis as they say this way, a gorgeous building of towers and pinnacles constructed between 1448 and 1450, one of the older gothic city councils of Holland.

It gives equal you visit when it, because its external aspect is precious. By day the colorful one of its facade stands out, but at night it becomes with the lights spectacular. Already from century XIV there was intention to construct in Gouda a city council, nevertheless the bad economic conditions of the place delayed its construction to half-full of century XV.

The brought limestone stone building of Belgium, designed by the family of Keldermans architects rose, of the region of Brabant. In 1497 engalanó with the visit of Felipe the Beautiful one to Gouda was recovered still much more and. From all ways, in later centuries it returned to receive new reforms, until the building that we can see at present.

At the end of century XIX the famous statues of the Wisdom and the Firmness were placed in the facade, images that already were realized at the end of century XVII. If you happen to the interior of the building you will see that everything what there is data of centuries XVII and XVIII.

The rooms and halls elegant are decorated with beautiful flamenco carpets, especially the Hall Weddings. They say that the pairs of fianc2es are many who arrive from other cities to marry in the City council of Gouda by their outer beauty as as much inner.

It turns out peculiar to observe small teatrillo of marionettes that there are in the clock of the City council of Gouda. When they sound the hours, they begin to move, reason why it does not turn out strange to see many tourists hoping the hour in front of the clock. They are very small figures, reason why as soon as it is seen.

If you have the opportunity to spend Christmases in Holland, and in time make your reserves of hotels, you do not lose this building in December, mainly the second Tuesday of December, when it takes place which could be translated as the night of the candles. The City council completely appears illuminated as a species of small story castle of you foretell.

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If you want to visit the interior of the City council of Gouda with tranquility you can do it all the Saturdays of summer of 11,00 to 16,00 hours, and Saturdays of winter of 11,00 to 15,00 hours. Of all ways also any day of the year can be visited, whenever there are not official receptions nor important events in its interior, although it will not be possible to be acceded to all the rooms, like Saturdays.

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  1. I like the colonial thing of the church, is something spectacular for the eyes, thanks for conocimeinto that offer me, greetings

    Commentary by David
    16-06-2010 @ 4:05 p.m.

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