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American cemetery of Margraten

Absolutely impressive and moving. They are two of the many sensations that you take once visits the American Cemetery of Margraten, closely together of the city of the Maastricht, and to ten minutes of Valkenburg. There they are buried a total of 8,301 died North American soldiers in World War II, those that a good day disembarked in Normandy with the face of the freedom.

Nothing else to enter they appear in front of you the infinite rows of white crossings on the ground, a carpet of green turf that seems planted just. Many of the crossings have fresh flowers in the base de la Cruz. The cemetery is seventy years old, but anyone would say they inaugurated that it yesterday…

Many of the crossings do not take name, welded strangers whom, as it says the inscription, God only meets. Silence seems an enormous wall here. Those that come every day, relatives here and tourists to whom are many sights to the face and notes the emotion jab that surprises to them.

Some will say goes a place to make tourism… Yes, it is a cemetery, but also a place where to render respect to the thousands of soldiers, Americans or no, who arrived up to here to give their lives after a world better. The sensation that is breathed in here is worth the trouble to feel it and to live it.

In one of the zones of the cemetery there is a small rectangular lagoon, flanked by two walls, known like the Court of the Honor, in which it appears the name of 1,722 disappeared North American soldiers in Normandy, and whose bodies never were found.

They have spent many decades from that one tragic event, that one Great War. Nevertheless, still they continue being many the Dutch that up to here come to deposit flowers to these soldiers who died in defense of a country that was not his. They tell that, when the cemetery was constructed, many Dutch families promised to be in charge in particular of some tomb. According to it seems, to no cross of the American Cemetery of Margraten has never needed a branch of flowers.

Photo Via Bert K.

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