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The first time that I visited Amsterdam, for want of time, we remained with the historical center, perhaps the most tourist and recommended zone. Nevertheless, the second opportunity that we had we could make a small route by the periphery and the moved away zone more of the center. In this occasion we went to know places as emblematic as the Plantage.

Plantage means plantation, because this zone was it, a rural area until century XVII. Nevertheless, the majority of their constructions belongs to century XIX. Luxurious mansions bought by Jews that had become rich with the commerce of diamonds.

Here in the Plantage there are many interesting things that to see, like for example the Museum Nederlands Scheepvaart, that is to say a naval museum in which to see guns, prows, maps… a luxury for the lovers of the sea. Tomaros after the visit a coffee in the ground floor or to buy something of memory in the store of the museum, you will see that you will cost to you to take the way from return to your hotels in Amsterdam.

If you are not tired of as much boat, you can acercaros to the Museum Werf' t Kromhout, an old shipyard of the century XVIII that shows tools, machineries, and photographies where in the last emphasizes the history of the naval construction 300 years.

Perhaps it desires to you to take something in the coffees that there are in the zone of the Entrepotdok, before following our way towards the Plantage Kerklaan and to visit the Verzatsmuseum, a stirring museum in which it is possible to be seen how the Dutch resistance faced the German occupation. You will see false identity cards, clandestine photographies, newspapers…

If you are too sensible and you create that you will not be able with the emotion, we recommended better the Artis to you, the Zoological Park of Amsterdam. He is not too great, but they are possible to be seen more than nine hundred animal species, two small museums and a aquarium with two thousand marine species. Near the entrance you have a cafeteria and the store of the zoo.

In the Plantage also you can visit the Botanical Garden, with exotic plants of centuries XVII and XVIII, a palm of more than three hundred years and the first plant of coffee that was engaged in Europe, removed of contraband of Ethiopia in 1706.

As you see the zone of the Plantage no longer is in himself a plantation that we say, but rather a perfect place for which already you have more seen the center of Amsterdam. In anyone from your flights to Amsterdam you try to ntentar to visit it any day that is not Monday, thus to be able to enter the museums.

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