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Bjoeks Klimcentrum

I must recognize that it did not sound to me absolutely. Of all ways we felt attracted from the first moment for being there. One is the Bjoeks Klimcentrum, located in the city of Groningen, one of the walls of scaling more impressive than never they have been constructed.

It has 37 meters of height altogether you will see and it from any highway approaches that you her. It was constructed in the 2004 and since then one has become the main attraction of the lovers of the scaling in Holland. Its winding form makes think the tremendous sensations us that are due to feel scaling it. They know many it this structure like the Tower Excalibur, the scaling wall outdoors more discharge of the world at the moment.

Nevertheless, this tower is not unique only the attractiveness of the zone. The lovers of the mountain climbing have here a center with scaling classes. Courses are hardly distributed from hour and a half to know a little more this sport, to a series of courses of classes of two hours of duration to improve our abilities in this sport discipline.

All the surface of the tower is full of supports for the scaling, and when arriving at the top there is a viewpoint to be able to descry the environs. Besides this outer tower also there are different pavilions in all the enclosure to be able to make scaling inner. This room is compound of more than fifty cords in walls of more than twenty meters.

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· Address: Sportpark Kardinge, Bieskemaar 3, Groningen
· Telephone: 31 50 549 1230
· Schedules: The Boeks Klimcentrum is open of Monday through Friday of 14,00 to 23,00 hours, and Saturdays and Sundays of 11,00 to 23,00 hours.
· Prices: A day of scaling ten Euros for the adults and seven Euros for the minors of 17 years. There are cords of rent at the cost of three Euros.

    If you want more information on the matter you can visit the page Web of the Bjoeks Klimcentrum. The truth that is a fantastic experience for the lovers of the scaling and the mountain climbing if you are in Holland.

    Photo Via Michiel Thomas

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