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We go ourselves today on trip by the south-east of the Netherlands, concretely until the city of Vlissingen, wonderfully located between the Escalda river and the North Sea, reason why to anybody will be to him stranger who this city has been during centuries one of the most important ports of this part of Europe.

To tell the truth it give account to you of this when visits the wharves of the city, where the ships of the Real Navy of Holland are constructed. And she is that Vlissingen has been always tie to the sea, the one that continues giving life to him. It is normal to see when it arrives the good time at residents and tourists to take a walk by the marine stroll of the city.

Another one of the best places to take a walk in Vlissingen is the Bellamy Park. It is the place where usually they are celebrated the great events of the city. It takes to the name of the poet of century XVIII James Bellamy, who was born in Vlissingen in a house within the park.

Essential visit in Vlissingen is the Marine Museum, that is in the Lampsins House, a building constructed in century XVII for one of the great feudal gentlemen of the city. In fact one is one of the best marine museums of the Netherlands.

Vlissingen also is an historical city, since in their district of Haventje the British and French soldiers landed in parachute the 1 of November of 1944 who managed to release the country of the German forces. In memory of that one memory a monument in the Green Boulevard with a statue of a parachutist rose in 1952 entering the city.

But one of the great symbols of Vlissingen is Michiel de Ruyter, born in the city and vice-admiral of the Dutch Navy in century XVII. Its body is buried in the Nieuwe Kerk of Amsterdam, but in Vlissingen, its native city, is one of the best statues they remember than it. It was risen in 1841 and one is closely together of the sport port.

Vlissingen is a city very colorful ideal for a small escape by Holland, outside the bullicio of the great cities like Amsterdam. In summer it is the best time to visit it and to enjoy his animated to sport port and the historical stroll by his side streets.

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