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The magazine National catalogued it to Geographic like one of the ten street markets of the world that we had to visit. And since we were in Amsterdam, we get ready to do it. One is the Dappermarkt, the best market of the Netherlands. We recommended to you you visit that it in the morning well tempranito to enjoy all their splendor.

Located in the east of Amsterdam, the Drapperstraat, his more than 250 positions you can find of everything, from fresh fruits and traditional foods, to typical suits of different parts from the world. The best thing of everything is than he is very cheap, with many of his merchandize hardly to a Euro. In addition, if that soon bores to you to go of purchases, there are many cafeterias to both sides of the street.

It abre of Monday to Saturday of 09,00 to 17,00 hours every day. You will see many inhabitants of Amsterdam buying the daily things, and many tourists in search of some small gift cheap. That yes, always usually is full of people, reason why sometimes it is difficult to walk in the middle of the positions. The gangues that you can find of exotic countries are many and very varied.

Saturday is the day that is more boisterous, reason why if you do not like the agglomerations of better people to reserve your Amsterdam flights and to visit it enter week. The lovers of the exotic purchases and souvenirs you will enjoy like never, and you will pass hours crossing stands. The possibilities are so many of finding cultural and extremely interesting something.

Of all ways, also you must throw a look to the stores that there are to both sides of the street. You will also find many products, and some place exotic to eat if it gives to hunger as much purchase you.

You do not lose therefore the experience to outdoors visit one of the great and better swap-meets of the world. Exotismo and multiculturalidad hope to you in Amsterdam in the Dappermarkt. You will find of everything and you will enjoy much more.

Photo Via Moonraker 200 NL

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  1. If tuna is a market very, it is made more than all Saturdays, can find of everything, very pretty things.
    It is one pretty experience!

    Commentary by Gabriela Quirós Obando
    09-06-2010 @ 6:11 p.m.

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