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Red district

Certainly you have found much information exceeds what you can see and do in Amsterdam. But, you have considered what you cannot do in the city. It is not that they are prohibitions in the strictest sense of the word, but rather are recommendations that we want haceros so that you go safe envelope.

For example, he is not very recommendable to rent a car in Amsterdam if you do not have intention to make a trip by the environs. Besides the intense traffic, to find parking in Amsterdam is very complicated, and is impossible to park free in center of the city. The fines by bad parking get to be until from 70 Euros.

Speaking of transports, lately it has been made more common that particular by the street they try to rent bicycles to you or to even sell them to an almost derisory price. It is not happened to you to do case to them, because certainly it is a robbed bicycle. Also it is not either happened to change money in the street, bars or coffeeshops to you, trap in which usually falls many tourists.

If you visit Amsterdam you must acercaros to its famous Red District. But, eye, you do not make photos to prostitutas of the zone. Sometimes it is even recommended not to use the camera in this district, since well it is not seen. It is not necessary to let itself take by this liberality of Amsterdam.

If you want to smoke marijuana, that here it is allowed, to always do it in coffeeshop, not to take care of which mainly sell it to you by the street, in the Red District, since it will be much more expensive and of smaller quality.

Other recommendations are much more usual and routine, like not raising the public transport without ticket, not walking by the tracks bici since in Amsterdam it has many bicycles and are not rare the one that are accidents of this type, cannot be smoked in trains, street cars nor stations of train, to not being in places qualified for it.

It is always good that they do not see you like a tourist, that typical attire of camera of photos hung of the neck, sun cap and glasses. The tenth thing by the subject of the pickpockets… And finally it tries to take planned well your Amsterdam trips, without dejarte to take mainly by some recommendations that you see not very trustworthy, in the subject of hotels, restaurants and others.

Photo Via Barry Fricke

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  1. past Monday I was in Amstterdam, of tourism with a relative, although I already haia been there and conocia of prohibicon of taking of photos, quice that my relative took a memory photo, encontre a pequeñita callesita that peculiar me parecio, takes distance so that it was not within the street, it clears and flash and it takes my photo, 2 3 to me seconds later attacked prostitutas, although she does not take a display cabinet and she was not within the street, explains to them that it was not my intention to take photo to any girl and them mostre the photo that habia taken, in which only veian the walls from entrance to the district, finally and after to gain a few insults to me, they let to me go. but the experience was horrible.

    Commentary by ortiz I.C
    02-06-2010 @ 9:48 a.m.
  2. Thanks to instruct us in the prohibitions, always it is good for knowing them, one does not know what can happen to him, also, there is much diversion and culture by the environs and is necessary to take the due precausiones, greetings.

    Commentary by David
    03-06-2010 @ 4:47 p.m.

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