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Grote Markt de Delft

Holland is a country will fascinate that you in many senses. it did particularly it with his channels, their colorful cities, his exquisite gastronomy, the simplicity and amiability of his people. But besides fascinating, Holland enamors at first sight, and in that with it did it to me with Delft, the native cradle of one of my favorite painters, Johannes Vermeer.

Delft is attractive, simple but very colorful, beautiful a city with its full channels of nenúfares, boisterous Streets and places, enchantment floods, like the precious Grote Markt, the main place. This Grote Markt is one of the greatest places of Europe and it is placed in the high part of the city.

It is a beautiful place, with the view put in the City council of Delft, one of the buildings more tuna of the city. The one that we see at the moment belongs to 1620, since two years before it underwent a terrible fire. Quedaros contemplating its facade, of a simple but overwhelming beauty, like all Delft.

Just in front of the City council, to the other side of the Grote Markt, another one of the main buildings of the city, the church of the Niewe Kerk rises. This temple was constructed enters centuries XIV the XVI and counts on the second higher tower of the country, with 110 meters of height. In his interior there is a great amount of buried kings of Holland, reason why the visit is essential.

Among those kings is the mausoleum of Guillermo de Orange, founder of the Dutch monarchy, reason why almost a place is from peregrination. Once within the temple fijaros also in the light that penetrates by the show windows, before undertaking the ascent to the tower through a spiral staircase. Imaginaros the views that can be had so much of the city as of the environs.

When you leave the temple certainly desires to you to rest a little in some of the terraces of the cafeterias and restaurants of the place. Without doubt the view that you will have will be wonderful, with the City council to a side and the impressive Niewe Kerk to the other. It is not strange to me that before seen resemblance his adored Vermeer son did not incline towards the art subtlest.

Photo Via Maymonides

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