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Mill Van Sloten

Certainly if they ask to you which would be in your opinion the symbols reason why you would identify to a country like Holland, between the three first they would be certainly his mills. To anybody it would need reason, because Holland is the country of the mills. If you cross the country in your way you will see a great amount of them.

We today pause in one of known his more. Van Sloten, located to the outskirts of Amsterdam is the Mill, to half an hour walking of the historical center. Peculiarly the tourists are not many those that up to here approach, perhaps because it is not too much well-known, and that is one of the symbols of the Red District of the city.

To its side the Circular Channel Ringvaart runs very colorful. One thinks that the mill was constructed in the middle of century XIX, and the best thing of everything is than, unlike the majority of mills of the country, we can visit its interior. The guided visit is fantastic, mainly because they will explain his operation to you from within, raising the high part and seeing how the miller makes turn and stop the vanes.

Peculiarly also we will see in its interior an audio-visual representation on the life of Dutch painter Rembrandt, with the intention to see how it was the Dutch landscape, already plagued of mills, at the beginning of century XVII. Thus the importance will be able to explain you and because the mills have been from always symbol of Holland.

If you go with children is a visit very recommended, no longer only because to smallest it will fascinate to see the mill on the inside to them and the movement of the vanes. Also a special route with them with games is made and, if they are not scared, some histories on the ghost of the mill of Van Sloten.

Peculiarly also the possibility exists of marrying inside the mill. The ceremony is realized in a small hall, any day of the week except Sundays. Nor that to say it has any excuse is valid to visit this zone.

- Additional Information

  • Schedules: The Mill Van Sloten abre from the 10,00 to the 16,30 hours every day, hour in which the last visit becomes.

- How to arrive

It is possible to be arrived as much at the mill in car as in bus from Amsterdam. The bus that leaves you there is number 192 and the 145, that can be taken in Leidseplein.

Photo Via Sandeep Thukral

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