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Amsterdam Sand

The fans to soccer we are of east enhorabuena year of the 2010 since the World-wide one of Soccer will be disputed in South Africa. Nor that to say has tourism and deports, in this case soccer, they can go perfectly of the hand. It is not strange, in my case for example no, the visited salary great cities and their respective stages of soccer, authentic jewels some of them of the vanguardista architecture.

One of most impressive than memory is Amsterdam Sand, stage of soccer of the mythical Ajax of Amsterdam, with capacity for a little more 51,000 spectators. It was inaugurated officially the 14 of August of 1996, and it was at the time the first stage of Europe that counted on retractable ceiling, that is to say, two panels who can put a roof on all the stage in about 18 minutes.

We recommended to you to make the visit guided by the interior of this stage. It is possible to be visited the turf of the stage, clothes, the room of trophies of the Ajax, to be raised the launching slips and to be entered the theater box and seats VIP, the press room… The visit usually lasts little more than one hour and the guide will in short tell the history you of the stage and the legendary Ajax of Amsterdam.

It is not necessary to in advance reserve this guided visit, nevertheless you can send an email and ask for your reserve. The guided visit is realized through the Entrance and of the stage.

You will not have problems either to arrive at the stage since perfectly so much by the lines of meter like by the number of bus 158, 174, 177 and 178 is communicated that happen that way. Of all ways also there are many hotels close in case in some occasion you have the luck to follow your equipment until Amsterdam.

- Additional Information of the visit guided Amsterdam Sand

The visits guided Amsterdam Sand carry out between the 1 of October and the 31 of March. Are four visits guided of Monday through Friday and the last Sunday of the month 11,00, 12,30, 14,30 and 16,30 hours. Saturdays and during the vacations of Christmas, Easter and summer the guided visits take place to 11,00, 12,15, 13,30, 14,45 and 16,30 hours. So you already know when to choose your supplies of flights and to travel to Amsterdam to see this stage.

Photo Via Cor Lems

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  1. Extraordinary stage the one of the Ayax club, is imposing and simultaneously its infrastructure is of first greetings

    Commentary by David
    27-05-2010 @ 11:15 p.m.

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