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Tower Sunday

Utrecht is one of those colorful Dutch cities that you must know. With its channels, its houses that seems at any time they are going to crujir like the chocolate, and a very interesting architecture. Still memory that one beautiful Tower Sunday, located next to the cathedral, of century XIV. Peculiarly he was one of the few buildings that were saved of a hurricane that knocked down the city centuries ago.

Nowadays the steps can be raised that separate to us of the top of the tower to contemplate the best views of the city. Not in vain the overall height of the tower is of 111 meters. The entrances to raise the tower can be bought in a small building that there is next to her. As much by its architecture as by these seen one is from those essential visits that you cannot perderos in Utrecht.

The Tower Sunday was constructed between 1321 and 1382. In its interior you will see the chapels of San Miguel and the one of Egmond, besides thirteen bells that weigh between 440 and 9,000 kilos. They say that from his height, if the time is clear, it is possible to be seen the Amsterdam bottom.

In its origin the tower was connected with the Church of Sunday Nevertheless, the bombings of World War I destroyed good part of this temple. The church was reconstructed later, but much more small that the original one, and nowadays a street separates the tower of that one church.

In the small church that there is alongside, that is located by the way in center of the city, is a small garden and a very pleasant inner cloister, with a source in center. If you have luck and there is not much people, who usually are the normal thing, you will enjoy a very quiet and almost mystical visit. To take a walk this way is very pleasant.

Nevertheless the majority of the tourists pauses in the Tower Sunday, mainly to raise until the top and to make the best photographies of Utrecht. For six hundred years it takes being the medieval tower to more discharge of the Netherlands. The ascent to the top is a guided visit, where they will explain the history of the tower, the church that had united to her and everything what you will see from above.

Photo Via Drbob97

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