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ING. House

You have current account in the bank ING. No, we are not going to make any type of financial publicity, neither we are either going to you to put the head like a big drum with types of interest nor others zarandajas of that type. I imagine that even so you will know the banks ING., of whom as much publicity appears in television, truth. Because it soothes main of this company is indeed in Amsterdam.

Well, how we could focus this from the tourist point of view. You to simply throw a look to him to the building that the company has in Amsterdam, and already will see. You realize now? , dáis also tells you because it is known him this building like the iron shoe.

Then yes, the company/signature ING. wanted something modern and innovating, and to thus it left the building us, ING. House of Amsterdam, located in the zone of Zuidas, near the Schiphol Airport.

It is transparent, dynamic and sustainable, a building of crystal walls to make the ING. transparency clear (according to the own company). The building was designed by architects Meyer and Van Schooten. It has 26 meters in width, 138 meters in length and the highest point of its ten plants is to a height of 48 meters. A peculiar place that to see in your Amsterdam trips.


Account with a total surface of 5,600 meters square and has lobby, an audience with capacity to 250 people, an entrance hall, restaurant, library, than 800 meters squared more in rooms of meetings and conferences and 160 places of parking. The building was officially inaugurated the 16 of September of the 2002, with the presence of Prince Guillermo of Holland.

Within the building an interesting collection of art can be seen, although half of its space is reserved for the administrative offices of the company. That yes, from the offices precious views of some of the six inner gardens are had that there are. Thus it seems that is pleasant to go to work, no.

These gardens were designed by the architect Michael van Gessel, and each of them is acclimated in thematic a different one. To tell the truth this building represents the most modern architecture of Amsterdam. Perhaps to many it does not interest the visit to you, but you pass certainly some photo this way you will throw to him.

Photo Via Glassdoor

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