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Heineken City

The lovers of the beer certainly you know that the Heineken mark is perhaps the most well-known beer of Holland.

In Amsterdam you can visit the Museum Heineken, a true sanctuary of this drink. But for fans more aroused for a little more a year you count in the city with Heineken the City, a unique store and exclusively composed by Heineken articles.

To the store we in center located it historical of Amsterdam, concretely in the Amstelstraat street, closely together of the Jewish Museum of Amsterdam. To tell the truth it is quite great since it has two plants and in her you have beers for all the tastes, t-shirts and other complements of clothes with the logo of Heineken, accessories of beer and even decoration objects.

They could not, of course, lack the key rings, pins, plates, etc… That yes, to the being an exclusive store of the mark you do not hope that the products are very cheap that we say. Although clearly, a small whim to say that we have bought in the store of Heineken perhaps we pruned to allow. Mainly because they are products that you are only going to be able to find here.

In addition Heineken the City is not a store any. It is the premises designed perfectly in four different spaces. On the one hand it is a fashionable store with mark clothes, is a music study, a place where entrances of events and spectacles are sold that happen in Amsterdam sponsored by the beer mark and finally a place to be able to buy the best thing of your Heineken beer.

The colors green and white of the well-known beer predominate totally. She is one tends very great and almost futurist, with a full refrigerator of three floors of Heineken beer that is really impressive. Altogether it is a store that the understood ones of the matter call a store concept, design, marks and marketing in his maximum splendor.

Although the majority of their articles is a little expensive you do not doubt in visiting the store if you arrive inside in your at least echaros Amsterdam flights for photos, since the place by itself deserves much the pain.

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