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If you like cheeses I imagine that you know that in Holland you will find a true paradise. There are many cities that are dedicated mainly to their elaboration, and among them our protagonist of today, Alkmaar. Indeed every week of summer a traditional cheese market is celebrated here very showy and that if you visit will enchant to you.

But today we do not want hablaros indeed of cheeses of Alkmaar, but of the tourist strolls that we can do in its channels. Many are the cities of Holland that are crossed by these channels, and one of them is Alkmaar.

The channels of Alkmaar are very colorful and appear surrounded by stores, bars and restaurants. Sentaros in some of the terraces of these bars and restaurants and to see the life happen through its channels. Or perhaps the best thing is to raise to us on board some of the boats that cross the channels of Alkmaar. Although that yes, waits for some to us that another surprise.

In any Office of Tourism of Alkmaar they can indicate and organize one to you of these strolls by the channels. The routes usually last between 40 minutes and two hour and a half, and there comes the small surprise, is necessary is crouched itself sometimes as it goes through his bridges since they are lower than in other cities. Nevertheless it is perhaps the best way to know the city, at least from a different point of view.

The routes of forty minutes half an hour usually leave each the wharf that there is next to the channel Luttik Oudorp, located in front of the Museum of the Cheese. The strolls of two hour and a half leave all the Fridays 13,00 to 15,30 hours, and cost 16 Euros for the adults and 6 Euros for the children. Also the possibility exists of making a route nocturne of two hours with dinner including.

As you see Alkmaar not only is the city of cheeses but a very colorful place and almost of story of you foretell that you would have to know. Whenever you prune to do it from its channels, a different, peculiar and funny form to know this pretty city Dutch.

Photo Via John in Scotland

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  1. Every time it is learned more of this country, thanks for the given lessons.

    Commentary by David
    07-05-2010 @ 3:05 p.m.

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