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One of the many things of which you will realize in Amsterdam is that she is one of the animated cities more of Europe, and perhaps of the world. Streets and places always usually are full of people, crossing the city or enjoying the terraces, the bars and restaurants, or taking a walk around the channels.

One of those places that always are concurred as much by day as at night it is Leidseplein, one of the animated zones more of the city. Bars, coffees and restaurants conform the life of this corner, besides their street artists, their neon lights and their atmosphere of celebration.

You do not worry about how arriving at Leidseplein since it is a place at which all the buses and street cars arrive from Amsterdam. Peculiarly this place was in century XVII the place where the agriculturists and farmers left their cars of merchandize. The name comes to him from the old door of the walls that was here, the Leidsepoort, and that was demolished in 1862.

Nevertheless this place has been from always social and artistic point of contact of Amsterdam. Here to the writers and artists met, besides the political factions in 1930. In Leidseplein the manifestations were carried out anti-Nazis during the decade of 1940 or the celebrations of the sport titles of the Ajax of Amsterdam and the New Year.

Pasaros during the day by Leidseplein to see the street artists of all type, mimos, musicians and painters. By the nights they are the neon lights those that occupy the place, as well as the terraces of the bars, ls casinos, the restaurants, pubs and theaters.

Here also you will see the Hotel Amsterdam American and the American Coffee of style art deco. Nor that to say it has you must spend one night in Leidseplein at least, as long as you are careful with the possible pickpockets who usually frequent the zone.

Leidseplein is one of the social centers of Amsterdam, a place that you cannot perderos to enjoy by day as much as at night.

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