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Airplane Hotel

What they do not make in Holland to attract the tourism… And that already of in case the country is an ideal place to spend vacations. Colorful a spectacular one, historical cities, peculiar routes of all type, and even, lodgings. , Quite yes peculiar, like that we bring to you today.

The Dutch call the Vliegtuigsuite Hotel, but so that we are understood we are a parked airplane in the Airport of Teuge. This airport is to one hour in car of Amsterdam, between the cities of Deventer and Apeldoorn. There you have this hotel-airplane, yes, because one is an airplane of 1960 turned into a luxury suite.

You cannot nor be imagined that within this airplane suite we have a luxury equipment. You will find showers separated, jacucci, sauna, to minibar, flat screens of television, DVD, furnace, cooks, conditioned air, Internet free… We can take a walk by all the interior of the airplane, and even sit down in the cabin. The price of one night in this airplane. A little expensive, yes…

Nothing less than 350 Euros for two people, from the 15,00 hours to the 11,00 hours of the following day. In the price it goes at least including the breakfast, a detail, no.  That yes, if it tires a little to you to be in the airplane you can contract to a visit in airplane or helicopter by the environs, lessons of flight and even a jump in parachute for most intrepid.

Besides the comforts that we have described to you previously, the bed of the room is of design, and tells on a hall with comfortable sofas of skin and a terrace with the best views to the airport, clearly. Although the suite is thought for a romantic and peculiar escape, also meetings for fifteen people can be organized.

The airplane belongs to the Dutch chain Hotel Suites. The airplane dates from 1960 and counts on about 40 meters in length and had capacity for 140 people. It was used during the time of the two Germanies until his unification after the fall of the Wall of Berlin.

Neither that to say it has if you can daros a small whim and you like to be exotic and to live the tourism on different way, you lose the opportunity to watch in your alojaros and travel agencies in this airplane hotel. Some we have often slept in the airplanes, but certainly to very you have done it few in one without moving of the ground, no.

Photo Via Perfect Atmosphere

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