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The Maastricht

The Maastricht is the oldest city of the south of Holland, and in her you will find many and great attractive. Old woman churches and places where coffees and restaurants abound, a very colorful place that you must visit. They say indeed of the Maastricht that is the city with more bars by squared kilometer of Europe, so reason of occurring an escape more, no.

Perhaps in order to see the Maastricht well we would need to us to have left a weekend in the city. We are closely together of the borders with Belgium and Germany, reason why it would not be even of plus the power making some trip by the environs.

The Maastricht counts with more than eighty hotels, reason why to make a selection with the best ones of the city feels like a little difficult. To our we began it recommendations with the Hotel d' Orangerie, that has precious views to the Maas river. It is a very centric hotel and to only ten minutes of the train station. One is in a building that dates from half-full from century XVIII and all rooms are decorated in English style.

Near the Maas river also you have the Crowne Maastricht Place, with very good views to the green zones of the Limburg. One renewed in the 2006, reason why he is very modern. Next to him you can find the Hotel De Mangerie, with very good restaurant, catalogued within Michelín guide with two stars.

Very centric it is also Hotel NH the Maastricht, a hotel of four stars with 275 rooms, twelve suites and studies. This hotel has many supplies, mainly the week ends, ideal to lodge to us and to move us by the city without problems. To go to your finder of cheap flights to arrive quickly at the Maastricht.

Perhaps the best hotel than you can find in center of the Maastricht is the Hotel Van der Valk. Also one is closely together of the freeway, reason why in very just a short time you would be making a trip by the environs or even in the Airport of the Maastricht in hardly twenty minutes.

If of all ways you much more want a hotel near the airport, nothing better than the Mercure the Maastricht, next to the aerodrome and to about ten minutes in car of the Maastricht, since it is next to the freeway that takes to the city. One is a hotel of four stars with 62 rooms, cafeteria, restaurant and bar.

Photo Via Peter Koves

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