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I Amsterdam Card

The majority of the great cities has all an ideal card of discount for those tourists who, like, they like I to visit of everything. If you are going to be days, is a very good option, because you save a money, besides being able to count on the gratuitous transport by the city and discounts in some stores and bars.

In Amsterdam we have the card I Amsterdam Card, a card that will allow us to accede completely to the system of public transport of the city free, and the possibility of acceding to more than 40 museums and in others to have a discount of until the fifty percent. In addition the card comes with a pocket guide of the city and the places where we will obtain the discounts.

The gratuitous access to the transport systems includes the street cars, buses, meter of Amsterdam, although it does not include the train nor the passage until the Airport of Schiphol. Of all ways it is a very interesting option mainly if you are going to visit museums and others, since itself you want to walk and to see monuments, is not recommendable. Which are the prices of this card.

- I Amsterdam Card 24 hours - 38 Euros

- I Amsterdam Card 48 hours - 48 Euros

- I Amsterdam Card 72 hours - 58 Euros

With the purchase of the card, that you can do or it through Internet after reserving your cheap flights to Amsterdam or in any office of tourism of Amsterdam, it comes mini-I free guide where it is indicated which are the gratuitous attractions and museums with the card and in that they will discount a 50 percent to you. In addition a map comes to you locating these visits, the schedule to visit them and the transport that there is to take to arrive at them.

If you have children and you are doubting to buy or not it to him I Amsterdam Card, we warned to you that in many museums there are discounts for the children, perhaps reason why you do not save much if you buy the card to him. We are speaking of smaller children of 12 years, since to the majors it is received to them in the museums like an adult, and therefore is recommendable the I Amsterdam Card.

To use it is very simple, you will validate and it at the moment you use that it for the first time. You teach it to the entrance of the museum, they will pass it to you through a scanner, and ready. When you raise a public transport, the same, you teach the card to the conductor, or to the entrance of the meter in the entrance winches, and to move by Amsterdam. In order to obtain the discounts in the stores, before they make the account in any store to warn the employee that you have the I Amsterdam Card. They will thank for it to you…

Photo Via Amsterdam Tourist

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